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Purple Majesty Health Attributes

Catherine Tsang, et al. Antioxidant Rich Potato Improves Arterial Stiffness in Healthy Adults. Plant Foods For Human Nutrition, 2018. PDF

Diganta Kalita, et al. Inhibition of α-glucosidase, α-amylase, and aldose reductase by potato polyphenolic compounds. PLoS One Journal, January 25, 2018. Read more

Catharine Koroulis, CSU. Researchers develop nutrient-rich potato – New potato varieties satisfy nutritional needs and could help prevent disease. Colorado State University Source, May 17, 2016. Read more

Venkata Charepallia, et al. Anthocyanin-containing purple-fleshed potatoes suppress colon tumorigenesis via elimination of colon cancer stem cells. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 2015, DOI: 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2015.08.005 PDF

Catherine Tsang, et al. Bioavailability and Urinary Excretion of Phenolic-Derived Metabolites after Acute Consumption of Purple Majesty Potato in Humans. EC Nutrition 1.3 (2015): 96-105 PDF

Catherine Tsang., et al. Effect of Purple Majesty Consumption on Antioxidant Status and Markers of Cardiovascular Risk in Healthy Volunteers. Queen Margaret University, Project 9357R4 Report, Edinburgh. PDF

Joe A. Vinson, et. al. High-Antioxidant Potatoes: Acute in Vivo Antioxidant Source and Hypotensive Agent in Humans after Supplementation to Hypertensive Subjects. J. Agric. Food Chem., 2012, 60 (27), pp 6749–6754 PDF

The InnovatioNews.com article, Purple Majesty may be the next super food by Hannah Toole focuses on the health attributes of Purple Majesty. Read more

J. Clark, C. Tsang and M. E. Clapham. Phenolic composition and antioxidant capacity of a novel variety of purple potato (Abstract). Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 2010, 69 (OCE6), E510 PDF

Spudman interview with David Holm April 2007, Health Traits May Drive Future Potato Research. Read more


Advanced CSU Potato Selection Evaluation Form – for growers to download and provide feedback on the advanced selections they evaluate
Advanced CSU Potato Selection Grower Storage Evaluation Form – for growers to download and provide feedback on the storage of advanced selections they evaluate
Advanced CSU Potato Selection Warehouse Evaluation Form – for warehouses to download and provide feedback on the storage and pack-out of CSU advanced selections

Other Media

Rocky Mountain Russet was featured in the Cultivar Corner section of Spudman Magazine Read more

Several named cultivars and advanced selections from the Colorado State University Breeding Program were evaluated for metabolomic content as related to market class. Read more

David Holm was interviewed in a November 2016 Buzzfeed article about potato varieties. Read more

Canela Russet was featured in the June 2016 issue of Potato Grower Magazine. Read more

The 2015 Potato Nutrition Handbook published by the United States Potato Board. Read more

The publication ‘Colorado State University Outcomes discusses the economic impact of research scholarship and engagement.  An article by Mike Dano found on pages 10-11 discusses ‘Potato Research Grows Into Unique Partnership Between CSU Scientists, Farmers’.  Read more

The Colorado State University Potato Program is highlighted in The Fence Post article “The Ever-Changing Potato Market: Needed research taking place in Colorado.” Read more

Diganta Kalita and Sastry Jayanty. Comparison of Polyphenol Content and Antioxidant Capacity of Colored Potato Tubers, Pomegranate and Blueberries. Journal of Food Processing & Technology, August 29, 2014.

Innovation at Work – CSU Ventures 2013 Annual Report’.  CSU Ventures actively supports and promotes the transfer of Colorado State University research and innovations into the marketplace for the benefit of society.  Page 6 presents highlights related to the CSU Potato Breeding and Selection Program.  Read more

Food for Thought is a publication of the College of Agricultural Sciences at Colorado State University.  Coleman Cornelius prepared an article on the potato program on pages 14-16 of this publication.  Read more

The Hagstrom Report highlighted Colorado cultivars Mountain Rose and Canela Russet in the article “First Lady helps plant potatoes at White House garden”. Read more

More highlights on the White House garden potato crop and the Colorado Potato Breeding and Selection Program are highlighted in this article by Denver Post reporter Susan Clotfelter. Read more

Venu Perla, David G. Holm, Sastry S. Jayanty. Effects of cooking methods on polyphenols, pigments and antioxidant activity in potato tubers. LWT- Food and Science Technology, March 2012. Read more

The Center for Education in Law and Democracy is a Colorado non-profit non-partisan educational organization that promotes and supports the development of responsible citizens committed to democratic principles and active participation in representative government.  As part of their program they developed a sample lesson for middle and high school classes titled Colorado and the European Union:  A Portfolio.  Refer to pages 11-13 for a section titled ‘The Purple Majesty:  One Hot Potato’.  Read more


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