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Anther – The male reproductive part of a flower that produces pollen.

Advanced Selection – Selections that are in the 8th+ cycle of field selection.

Anthocyanin – Pigments in plant tissue responsible for red, purple and blue colors.

Antioxidant – A substance that slows the oxidation of oils and fats in the body; considered to have health benefits such as prevention of cancer, heart disease and aging.

Carotenoid – Phytonutrients in plants responsible for orange or yellow pigments.

Chipper – A type of potato used to make potato chips, usually with white skin, white flesh and round shape.

Clone – A group of plants originating by vegetative propagation from a single plant. In potatos, all cultivars are clones.

Cultivar – A cultivated variety, which has originated and persisted under cultivation. A cultivar is usually genetically uniform.

Dihaploid – A haploid cell having two copies of the set of chromosomes.

Diploid – A plant with two sets of chromosomes.

Germplasm – A collection of genetic resources or potential hereditary genetic stocks within a species.

Haploid – A condition of the cell having one set of chromosomes.

Introgression – Introduce genes from one species into another through hybridization.

Red – A type of potato with red skin, white flesh and usually round shape.

Russet – A type of potato with rough-textured brown skin, white flesh and usually oblong shape.

Seedlings – A plant or tuber produced from a true potato seed.

Single Hill – A single tuber planted in the field with three feet of space on either side.

Specialty – A type of potato that has various skin and/or flesh colors or shapes atypical of those commonly produced and sold.

Tetraploid – A plant with four sets of chromosomes.

TPS – True potato seed, or botanical seed.

Tuber – The actual potato, which is a swollen underground plant stem.


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