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Welcome to the Poatao Pathology Program

Potato Pathology

Welcome to the Poatao Pathology Program

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Potato Pathology Program

The primary focus of the CSU Potato Pathology program, located at the San Luis Valley Research Center, is to conduct research which will be used to assist potato producers in the management of problematic diseases in the San Luis Valley. This is accomplished through the screening of new potato germplasms, which are developed through the Potato Breeding and Selection Program, for disease resistance as well as through the evaluation of chemistries, green manures, and other management practices.

Some of the disease issues which we focus on are Powdery Scab, Early Blight, Pink Rot, Rhizoctonia/Black Scurf, Blackleg/Tuber Soft Rot, PVY, Leaf Roll, and Bacterial Ring Rot. We conduct research using field trials located on station as well as in grower cooperator fields. Trials are also conducted in a greenhouse environment, and to a lesser extent in the lab.

We typically recommend an integrated approach for the management of specific potato diseases. Rather than recommending the application of new and old fungicides by themselves for the management of pink rot or powdery scab, for example, we may recommend an in-furrow fungicide in combination witha relatively resistant cultivar proceeded by a potentially beneficial green manure crop. Our research is conducted in a similar fashion in which we evaluate a diversity of management techniques to limit and reduce the incidence of a particular disease. We believe that this is the most responsible approach to management and will aid in extendingthe effectiveness of different chemistries used for disease control.

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